Bad Boi Santa

Bad Boi Santa

I know it is a little early, not even December, but I wanted to blog my new ‘What the Hell – Badboy Sexy Santa Suit Christmas Outfit’. The oufit comes complete with a nice pair of boots, but I wanted to experiment with adding prims to my Kboots, so I stole some fur trim from the outfit (it’s copy/mod) and linked it to a copy of my Kboots… hey presto, instant santa boots!

The braces (suspenders) are my own, but I can’t remember where I got them, I’m sure a marketplace search would come up with something similar.

The outfit looks great without the tank top too, but that photo wasn’t for public consumption!

Tank Top: [19MC] Tanktop-White-Ladies
Jacket: ~wth~ Badboy Santa jacket
Trousers: ~wth~ Badboy Santa pants
Hat: ~wth~ Santa Hat
Boots: Treads Kboots- black

© Alyx Aerallo 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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