Vintage Fair 2011

Vintage Fair

So I finally decided to brave the crowds at Vintage Fair 2011, I ditched all my scripts apart from my AO (no one wants to waddle like a duck), turned my graphics down to low and off I went. Although busy, the lag was bearable, but the fair is so vast that after 3 hours I still had a lot to see and will have to revisit another time (it is on until 3rd December).

There is a lot of nice stuff there, sadly – from my point of view at least – most of it for femmes. I found very little for the bois of SL, although I may find more next time. Luckily my old favourite Artilleri were there, so I did come away with an outfit.

I love the Bert jeans, they are available in 4 colours (black, faded black, blue and faded blue) and you get both a full length and cropped version. The Jed shirt comes in a choice of 8 colour combinations and the prims are easy to resize for a smaller avatar. The Max tank top (worn under the shirt) is also from Artilleri and is available in a choice of colours.

The cap/hair is from MADesigns, the cap itself is colour change with 6 colour options via a menu and the hair comes in all the usual MADesigns colours.

Finally, my favourite UBU sneakers, which I plan to cover in more detail soon.

Shirt: Artilleri Jed Shirt – Red/Blue
Tank Top: Artilleri Max Tank Top – Red
Jeans: Artilleri Bert Jeans – Black
Hat/Hair: MADesigns Brady (Suede) ~ Silver Tones VIII
Sneakers: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Pose: oOo Studio – Twiggy Four
Location: Artilleri

© Alyx Aerallo 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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