CheerNo Crazy Days Sale

CheerNo Crazy Days Sale

I wasn’t planning on posting anything this weekend after spending all day Friday transferring my blog to WordPress, but then I happened to TP to CheerNo and discovered the CheerNo Crazy Days Sale is now on!

The advertisement said “All Boys Stuff L$99”, this isn’t strictly true, a few items aren’t in the sale but these are clearly marked. I picked up this great suit, shirt, tie combo for the bargain price of L$99. I think the suit looks great, although I know that the shoulder pads won’t be everyones cup of tea.

Please bear in mind that the suit is designed for a male shape, so if you use a smaller (female) shape you will have a fair bit of adjusting to do on the jacket to get it looking just right. If you don’t have the patience for that then maybe this suit isn’t for you, personally I think it is worth the effort, just remember to make a back-up copy first.

Suit/Shirt/Tie: [CheerNo] Tailored Suit black/pink

© Alyx Aerallo 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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