In The Pink

In The Pink

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Tableau Vivant skins and I couldn’t resist a quick shoot. Please note that the windlight setting used, along with my work in Photoshop, means that the skintone isn’t exact, nor is the chest area blurred (that was me being artistic!), please try a demo if you plan to buy this skin. Also, I have modified the Pekka shape a little, so you won’t get this exact look if you use it straight from the box. The pink colour cast has also changed the colour of the hair and eyes slightly, so again, demos, always demos!

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Adam – Tone 15
Shape: Pekka – Lazer (modified)
Hair: Exile – Pulse: Naturals Pack – Frost
Eyes: LeLutka – Reflections-Darkness
Pose: Del May – Twisted Krissmuss-Male 4

[SLurls to follow, I forgot to copy them into my notes!]

© Alyx Aerallo 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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