Kauna has just brought out a women’s version of their Open Shirt, it is available now at the latest FaMESHed event. Thank you once again Kauna!

The women’s version of the shirt is only available in black, white or painty (white with paint splashes) and in size M and XS – but, as with their military jacket, it’s worth checking the men’s demo too to see which fits best, especially as the male version has more colour options.

Also available at FaMESHed are Cracked Mirror’s new Chinos, they are designed for men, but come in five sizes – they are slim fitting at the waist though and so might not fit a curvy avatar. As always with mesh, it’s best to try the demos before buying.

Jacket: Kauna – Open Shirt Female: Black (MESH)
Pants: Cracked Mirror – Chinos (black) (MESH)
Feet: Slink  – Women’s Natural Barefeet (MESH)
Pose: Del May – Punctual Male (You’re Ditched)

© Alyx Aerallo 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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