Epic Success!

I haven’t been blogging much fashion lately, mainly because although I have seen some wonderful mesh clothing around that I would love to buy, most of it doesn’t fit me! I know I could change my avatar shape/size and I do tweak it to fit outfits, but seriously? My avi is 6’9” – according to the [OO] Avatar ruler 1.3 – and far from skinny. Is SL really such a land of giants?

Honestly, I expect a lot of the guys clothing not to fit, but find more often that it is clothes for women or items labelled unisex that I have problems with. I saw a cute shirt/blazer combo the other day, as it was aimed at those who like the ‘school girl look’ it didn’t have the usual size 100 boobs either, so I tried the demo – even size XS was way too big! Weird, especially given that I have just found a guys mesh suit that fits me. OK, so I am wearing the size S, but how can a size S in men’s clothing be significantly smaller than size XS in women’s clothing?

Please mesh creators, be more consistent in your sizing and ideally cater for smaller avatars too! I very much doubt I am the only person in SL who shops far less than they used to because of sizing issues with mesh, you are losing sales!! Also, please offer demos, I am amazed at how many stores don’t do this and yet expecting me to part with hundreds of L$ without the option to try it first!

OK, end of whinge, now to the main reason for this post! Epicosity have released a fantastic new mesh suit for men. And the really great news is that it fits women too! *Alyx does a happy dance*

The suit is in a classic double-breasted style and is available in black, navy blue or grey and both plain and pin stripped options. There’s even a ‘Pudgy Pack’ for each option if you want all the colours. Each suit includes a choice of shirt or turtleneck and the shirt, turtleneck, hanky and tie are all colour/texture change. Another nice detail is that the scripts are deletable to help reduce lag (after making a copy first of course!). Even better, you can wear the jacket with your own shirt (some suits don’t offer this option).

The finishing touch, and one which made me smile, rather than getting the usual shopping bag when unpacking you wear the package and a suit carrier appears draped over your arm! Brilliant!

The suit is currently available at Vintage Fair.

Photograph 1:
Suit/Turtleneck: Epicosity – EPIC Black Suit (MESH)
Hat: Entente – Odilon Fedora
Pose: HISpose – Model I phatpac – M2

Photograph 2:
Suit/Shirt/Tie: Epicosity – EPIC Black Pin Stripped Suit (MESH)
Hat: Entente – Odilon Fedora
Shoes: Lapointe & BastChild – Couture Dress Shoes – Traditional Lace-Ups
Pose: Diesel Works: Dante 6

© Alyx Aerallo 2012. All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Epic Success!

  1. C’est Moi danaf ! super to c u wear this neat suit – yeah its a shame mesh is so imperfect with fitting; hoping it gets better

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