Toy Soldiers

per uomo-001_010 800

After making a pose specifically for my blog post for the Kauna military style tunic, I decided to make a military pose set. Thoughts of styling for the vendor poster led to a search for the perfect military hat, which in turn led to me discovering the SISU military clothing store. The USSR Army Officer Cap is a great companion to the tunic, and as it is modifiable I was able to darken it very slightly to match the tunic fabric perfectly. The cap comes in two colours, olive or grey. There is also an air force version available which has a blue band rather than a red band.

The cap is available at the SISU marketplace store and the tunic is currently for sale at the October FaMESHed event, although no doubt later it will be available at the Kauna store.

The military pose set is a work in progress and will be available soon for the Posetastic! event, more details to follow later.

Hat: [SISU] ~ M44- USSR Army Officer Cap (Olive)
Jacket: Kauna ~ Tunic: Olive [MESH]*
Pose: grafica ~ per uomo-001

© Alyx Aerallo 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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