Mieville Midway

stance-010_013 800

Roll up, roll up!  The magnificent, marvellous, magical, mysterious Mieville Midway is almost here and you’re all invited!

Come see Gachas from some of the virtual-world’s most famous designers and stalls from the finest Steampunk, Goth and Alternative creators.  Be prepared to be titillated, tantalized and amazed as the ancient woodlands wake to the call of carnival while the unseelie haunt the paths and clearings, dancing high in the hills on mirror lake, tempting, teasing, taunting you all to join their dark dance.

The Mieville Midway event opens at noon on 15th October and runs until midnight on 31st October.

Hat: The Mad Hattery ~ Official NightMare Before Christmas Top Hat [available at the Mieville Midway event]
Jacket: chronokit ~ Fabre Jacket Star Black [MESH]
Pants: chronokit ~ Cropped Sarrouel Pants Black [LIQUIDMESH]
Belt: chronokit ~ Belt 03 Black [LIQUIDMESH]
Necklace: Kosh ~ Nico Necklace – Night [The Men’s Dept]
Pose: grafica ~ stance-010

© Alyx Aerallo 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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