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Today I received a message from one of my favourite creators M4ri1yn Magic of Tableau Vivant. M4ri1yn and his partner Aida Ewing produce some of the very best male skins, hair and accessories in Second Life and they have been a great favourite of mine for several years. Aida also makes wonderful female skins under the Glam Affair label and when I need a girl avi, her skins are my first choice.

All in all I am a huge fan, so imagine my excitement when M4ri1yn told me their latest skin, available soon for Skin Fair 2015, is to be named Alyx!

M4ri1yn and Aida, thank you so much for your support in my blogging endevours, and for the great honour of having a skin named after my little pixel boy! You made my day!

Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Alyx – Tone 01 – TMP applier  [for Skin Fair 2015 – 13th-29th March] *
Hair: Tableau Vivant ~ Mackey  [for TMD] *
Head: TheMeshProject ~ (BETA) Head(m) – Classic (Deluxe)
Body: TheMeshProject ~ (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) with Tableau Vivant ~ TMP applier
Pose: grafica ~ syrthni ii

© Alyx Aerallo 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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