Men Only Monthly I

grafica ~ giorgio iv_035 v3 800

The latest round of Men Only Monthly opens on 20th May. Guest contributors are Addams, Contraption, Tableau Vivant, and Unorthodox, along with regulars, Adjunct, AMERICAN BAZAAR, AZOURY, Bad Unicorn , bade, BENJAMINZ, Birth, BODY FACTORY, Breath, CerberusXing, cheeky, COME SOON POSES, F.A.T, Flite, Grafica Poses, Grandéur, HYPNOTIK, Inhale., Tattoo Co., KENVIE, Legal Insanity, MINA Hair, Modulus, Nomad, Gabriel, Project Reject, PosESioN* , Rever, Razor, RealEvil, Reckless, sYs Design, TAOX TATTOO, the pose shop, United Colors, Visionair, and Zoom.

Tattoo: AR2 Style ~ The Guitar Arm Tattoo  [for Men Only Monthly] *
Trousers: F.A.T ~ Eltone Men’s SportWear Pant  [for Men Only Monthly] *
Pose: grafica ~ giorgio iv mirror  [for Men Only Monthly]
Hairbase: Clef de Peau ~ Hairbase – TMP applier
Beard: Tableau Vivant ~ Facial Hair – Jawline – TMP applier *
Eyebrows: Clef de Peau ~ Eyebrows – TMP applier
Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Felix – Tone 01 – TMP applier *
Head: TheMeshProject ~ (BETA) Head(m) – Classic (Deluxe)
Body: TheMeshProject ~ (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) with Tableau Vivant ~ Tone 01 – TMP applier

© Alyx Aerallo 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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