grafica ~ eistedd iv_006 800

Tattoo: Inhale ~ Palisades Sleeves  [The Lexi Project]
Trousers: Legal Insanity ~ Butch Black Jeans  [Men Only Monthly] *
Hairbase: Tableau Vivant ~ Combed – TMP applier
Eyebrows: Clef de Peau ~ Eyebrows 5 – TMP applier
Beard: Clef de Peau ~ Beard White – TMP applier
Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Felix – Tone 01 – TMP applier *
Head: TheMeshProject ~ (BETA) Head(m) – Classic (Deluxe)
Body: TheMeshProject ~ (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) with Tableau Vivant ~ Tone 01 – TMP applier
Cigarettes: kunst ~ Cigarette Box
Lighter: kunst ~ Lighter
Books: Bazar ~ Stockholm-Bedroom Books
Lamp: ContraptioN ~ Mark’s Lamp
Bench: unKindness ~ Rustic Bench  [The Lexi Project]
Pose: grafica ~ eistedd iv

© Alyx Aerallo 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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