I am always very appreciative when people link to my blog and I am very happy for you to do so. As for reblogging my posts on your own blog, please note that I retain copyright and so ask that you seek permission first. Thank you.

The Copyright of this blog remains with the author, Alyx Aerallo.  Any attempts at copying and/or reselling my original writing, artwork and/or images without written permission is not permitted and a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice will be filed.

If you have found any person copying and/or reselling my original writing and/or images, or with specific textures taken from them, please report it to me, Alyx Aerallo, so that I may take the appropriate action to protect my work from theft.  Please refer any questions regarding the copyright to me.

I appreciate your help and support in this matter.

Kind regards,
Alyx Aerallo


© Alyx Aerallo 2011-2016. All Rights Reserved.

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